Way of the Master - Foundation Course - by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

            This eight video course (28 minutes each) will change your life.  Who do you know who isn't saved?

          A good friend? A co-worker? Your sister? Your mother? Your children? Now, think of their terrible

          fate if they die without Christ. You want to share your faith, but perhaps you don't know what to say.

          Or maybe you're afraid. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort will help you overcome your fear and give you

          tools, so that when you share your faith, you'll know exactly what to say. You won't be at a loss for

          words. Think of that person you love and do this for them. Are you ready? We'll do it together. Let's

          get started. 


          God's Wonderful Plan - by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

           Have you ever heard the phrase "God has a wonderful plan for your life"? Do you think it's biblical?

          Before you answer, consider this -- What would you say if you were able to preach to 1,000 people

          in Tower One of the World Trade Center, the day before it collapsed and killed them? Could you tell

          them that God had a "wonderful plan" for their lives, knowing that they would die the very next in such

          a horrible way? This episode not only exposes this popular yet unbiblical presentation, but it shows

          how it actually limits the Gospel to a certain segment of the world, and how it has the potential to fill

          the Church with false converts. Walk through the answer to this tough question with Kirk and Ray as

          they film on location in New York City.


          Hell's Best Kept Secret - by Ray Comfort

          Download the MP3, watch the video or read the transcript. 

          Why do 80-90% of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith? What is the

          principle that Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, etc., used to reach the lost? Why has the Church

          neglected it? Don't let anything stop you from learning this incredible teaching.


          Soundly Saved (audio) - by Kirk Cameron

          This is basically "Hell's Best Kept Secret" taught by Kirk Cameron instead of Ray Comfort. 

          Go to this site and click on "Soundly Saved".


          True and False Conversion - by Ray Comfort

          Download the MP3, watch the video or read the transcript.

          This teaching is foundational, and goes hand in hand with Hell's Best Kept Secret. It is very

          important that you understand it, as it will have great bearing on how you spend your time, and how

          you share the principles of God's Word. If you have ever wondered why so much of the Church looks

          and acts just like the world, you will love this teaching.


          Biblical Evangelism Booklet (pdf) - by Living Waters Publications

          This booklet is more like something that you would give to another Christian to help them understand

          how Biblical Evangelism works.


          Revival's Golden Key (pdf) - by Ray Comfort

          Learn why so many of those making professions of faith are turning away. It is vital that we return to

          Biblical evangelism. This book is the basically the earlier version of "The Way of the Master" book by

          Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

          One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven (pdf) - by Mark Cahill

          As believers, we all know we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. This

          practical book will give you ideas for starting conversations, examples of witnessing situations, and

          answers to common questions to help encourage, challenge, and equip you to reach both friends and

          strangers for Jesus the rest of your life!


          What Did Jesus Do? (pdf) - by Ray Comfort

          This book answers the skeptic's question "Where is the Law used evangelistically?" Three chapters cover

          Jesus' use of the Law, two cover Paul's. Also: Stephen, James, Peter and more...    


          Freedom From the Fear of Man (wmv or MP3) - by Ray Comfort

          Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Most unsaved people have at one time or another been gripped

          by some terrible fear, but Christians are plagued by it. It is a continual battle for each of us because

          we are involved in a war for the souls and men and women. Fear is perhaps the greatest weapon the

          enemy has, because it strips faith of its power.



          One-2-One Witnessing


          Personal Witnessing - How Jesus Did It - by Living Waters Publications


          How To Confront Sinners - by Living Waters Publications


          How To Witness on the Street


          How To Witness Going Door To Door


          How To Witness at the Mall


          Sowing Seeds In Deep Ellum (wmv) - by The Great News Network

          High Speed Video

          Low Speed Video


          Name Ten-Witnessing One to One (wmv) - by The Great News Network

          High Speed Video

          Low Speed Video


          Passing Out Tracts - Witnessing One to One (wmv) - by The Great News Network

          High Speed Video

          Low Speed Video



          Gospel Tracts


          Why Use Gospel Tracts? - by Living Waters Publications

          Types of Gospel Tracts to Use 

          The kind of tract you use does make a difference.  There are tracts to pass out, that

          will allow you time to "get away", there are "Ice Breaker" tracts, "Discipleship" tracts

          and "Objection" tracts.  I very rarely go out witnessing without using tracts.



          Open-Air Preaching         


          What is Open-Air Preaching? - by The Great News Network


          How to Open Air Preach - by Living Waters Publications


          Open-Air Preaching Videos - (wmv) - by The Great News Network

          1) First Open Air, 2) Last Open Air, 3) A Preacher in Paris, 4) Maui Open Air


          Open-Air: Keep It Simple - (wmv) - by The Great News Network


          Two Crazy Guys - Open-Air Preaching Video  - by Living Waters Publications

          Ray Comfort open air preaching in front of a courthouse. 


          Pinpoint Evangelism Open Air Videos - Rev Kerrigan and Rev Rod


          Open Air Preaching New York Ray Comfort (39:36)




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